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5 Signs That Shows Your Kid Is A Bully



5 Signs That Shows Your Kid Is A Bully

As a parent, it is really hurting, shameful and confusing to hear or receive a report that your kid(s) is a bully in school or in your local community. Parents have battled this thought so many times and most times are confused as to how to know what their kids are up to when it comes to bullying. So, in this article, we have compiled some reasonable number of signs that shows that your kid is a Bully.

The information comes normally as a shock to parents before they can start imagining their kid(s) in the act of bullying pictorially. But, this challenge has a lasting solution which we shall be sharing here.

Signs that shows that your kid is a Bully

Here are certain signs you should watch out for in your kid to know if he/she is now a bully

  • Quick to anger habits
  • Bad reports from school as regards behaviour
  • Bad friends
  • Aggressive when corrected
  • Easily condemns other kids

Quick to anger habits

If your kid is beginning to show off some anger related habits under your watch or that of his/her school teachers, this is a warning sign that your child is becoming or is already a bully. Bullies usually operate from the unjustified anger perspective to prove a point of being right whereas they are wrong.

Bad reports from school as regards behaviour

When you start getting consistent reports from school that your son or daughter is always involved in a fight at school, checkmate this vigorously as this is a pointer to a fact  that maybe, your child is becoming a bully gradually. Though there are cases where the fights are borne out of self-defense but when it is from the angle of your child trying to oppress his classmates, something is definitely wrong somewhere.

Bad friends

If your kids finds it easy to keep bad friends, then he/she can easily be influenced to bully other kids who are not in his/her peer group. Bad influences encourages the bullying habits in a child. The influence comes from the perspective of wanting to be popular. This then pushes a child to become a bully to be popular.

As a parent, you can come in here by helping your child to smartly dissociate himself/herself from such friends as early as possible. Go ahead to teach them how to choose friends wisely.

Aggressive when corrected

When you notice that your child becomes aggressive once he/she is scolded or corrected both at home or school, don’t ignore it but rather, follow it up carefully to be sure that your very own child is not becoming a bully gradually. Usually, bullies sees corrections as hatred and oppression even though a bad correction method can hurt the feelings of kids but when that is not the case, checkmate this behaviour.

If possible, read books on parenting to gain more smart techniques to help your kids become the best versions of themselves.

Easily condemns other kids

Do your kids find it easily to condemn other children by mocking them, cursing them easily for no reason and more? If your answer to this question is yes, then your kids are bullies. Don’t try to doubt or fight the truth about this but rather, embrace the knowledge you need to correct your kids to get them to be good to others around them instead adding pain to them.

Most times, kids don’t know the weight of the wrong  they are doing until they are corrected and guided with good reasons why they should not be involved in such behaviours in the first place. This is where good parenting comes to play.