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LOVE Vs LIKE: Differences Between Love And Like



love Vs like the difference between love and like 2

Naturally when you are falling in love with the opposite sex, you are usually bound within the thin line of confusion wondering if you really like or love this man or woman you just met and vice versa. In this Love Vs Like article, we will look at the actual difference between love and like.

Read to the very end of this article to get all the details we have to share with you as regards the differences between love and like.

What is Love? (Love Vs Like)

Love is a deep affection that you naturally develop towards someone whom you are close to or just came in contact with in recent times due to closeness or other factors that influences your relationship with them. This is is a definition from the emotional perspective.

In other views, love can be seen as a responsibility as well because it comes with what to do to show care and value to the other party that you are entangled with in romance. Certain behaviours are usually expected from one who claims to love another. Hence, this responsibility we are talking about. Love without giving no matter how little is not love. Even time is a thing to give to the one you love.

What is “Like”?

When we say “i like that girl or guy” What does the statement mean? Well, that means that you are impressed by a lot of things about the person and hence, you are okay with him/her being around you and being at several activity spots with you but not that there is any emotional links between you both like romantically.

Likeness is not directly the emotional love we talk about earlier but rather is just an attraction of friendship that exists between you and an opposite gender that is platonic with no strings attached. Some call this kind of bond ‘the family kind of bond’.

Differences between Love and Like (Love Vs Like)

Here are some differences between Love and like so that you can clearly differentiate between the two and not be confused anymore.

  1. when it is love, you are very conscious of him/her every time for no reason while in likeness, you can think less of him/her in certain situations.
  2. When it is love, you are 100% willing to be stupid and seemingly foolish for him/her sake but when it is just likeness, you are 100% logical most of the times.
  3. When it is love, you can make sacrifices without recalling easily but when it is likeness, you will be calculative in making such moves
  4. When it is love, life feels more exciting but when it is just likeness, you feel less excited at the thought of him/her.
  5. When it is love, you easily get jealous of others in his/her life but in likeness, you just don’t pay such attention.
  6. When it is love, you easily feel safe with him/her unlike in likeness where you feel you are solely all by yourself
  7. Love doesn’t feel like taking anything away from him/her but in likeness, you can be hanging around because of what you want to gain thereafter
  8. Love is beyond the physical attraction whereas likeness is mostly physical attraction based
  9. Love is full of responsibilities whereas likeness is just more of fun feelings
  10. Love is patient even when he/she is annoying but likeness can dwindle once there is an offence


So, now that you know what the differences are in this Love Vs Like article, will you go ahead to make a decision about that man or woman you are really interested in? We wish you luck with your love life adventures. Love is a beautiful thing.

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