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7 Shocking Trends That Lead To Divorce In 2021



Causes of divorce in the 21st century marriages

The divorce topic is very deep one with so much to talk about as it is so rampant for the past 20 years worldwide. One may want to ask what causes rampant cases of divorce across the world.

We’ve compiled a list of some shocking trends that leads to divorce.

Below are some of these trends in human behaviours that wreck marriages;

1. Lack of commitment

Commitment is one key factor that binds and makes marriages work. But currently, most young and old married folks are running dry in resource as regards staying committed to being married to a partner.

Marriage needs all forms of commitment to work.

So, if you are lagging behind in your commitment to your marriage, know that it can lead to divorce. Take out quality time to seek relevant strategies to increase your level of commitment to your partner.


2. Infidelity

Infidelity is already seen as a lifestyle by millions of married folks out there. Many unmarried folks see marriage as a trap full of cheatings and heartbreaks.

The act of infidelity has crashed tens of thousands of marriages out there. DNA tests have trended lately worldwide because the level at which men and women cheat in their marriages is so alarming.

Some married folks lost their lives after receiving the news that their partners cheated and had children for other people outside their marriage. Infidelity is that deadly.

3. Conflict and arguing

Conflicting and arguing at some point have been tagged normal occurrences in marriages but they still have the potential to wreck a marriage if the partners involved are not careful enough.

Conflicts and arguing leads most times to heated fights where vulgar words may fly from partner to another and hence resentments and memory keeping of offences even after reconciliation has taken place.

If possible, avoid heated arguments with your partner. It does lots of damage in marriages.

4. Marrying Young

While you shouldn’t wait to be so advanced in age to get married, marrying too early could lead to some levels of immaturity in terms of behaviour.

Some levels of maturity is needed to make marriages work these days. Though age is not necessarily a determinant of maturity but it still play a function as regards how developed you are as a person and ready for marriage as well.

5. Financial problems

Money can wreck a marriage if two married couples don’t apply financial intelligence in dealing with money related matters in their homes.

It is very important that married folks take handling finances serious as how they do it has the potential to mar or make their marriages.

One common issue that arise from the angle of finance in marriages is lack of transparency between couples. Married folks should be open to each other as regards how much they earn, their expenses and what they intend to spend on.

While many frown at being transparent about their finances to their spouse, they loose the attention to the fact that lack of it can lead to lack of trust and openness generally in the home and when such happens, a lot can go wrong beyond control.

6. Substance abuse

Substance abuse here refers to intake of any form of content liquid, solid or gas that has the potential of making one misbehave and be of harm either emotionally, physically and otherwise to their spouse.

Consistent intake of such with the aforementioned consequence can lead to Divorce.

Never abuse any type of content that has the potential of pushing you into harming your spouse. When you indulge in such acts, you are simply warming up to be an Ex-husband or wife.

7. Domestic Violence  

Just like in the case of the substance abuse mentioned above, domestic violence is the worst of all home breakers. It can also lead to lose of lives and property as well. It is also punishable by law in so many countries round the world.

The consequences that comes with domestic violence is so enormous and traumatizing to the victims too. This marriage breaker is not gender specific as it cuts across all genders.



Marriage is a beautiful thing and can be made to work out perfectly fine if the two couples involved in it are serious and committed to making it work perfectly as they both have planned. Marriages still work and divorce should be a thing to abhor in our societies.



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