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10 Questions Every Girlfriend Asks Her Boyfriend



girlfrend questions before marriage

After winning a girl’s attention, love and time, having her as a girlfriend, there are certain questions you should have in mind that she must ask you and you will do yourself a great good to have answers to them all when they come. The most important part of answering these questions is your ability and discipline to be truthful.

When your girlfriend asks you certain questions at different levels of the relationship you both share, it is solely to help herself flow well with you as time changes . So, being sincere with her would be a great move if you truly love her from your heart.

There are theories out there saying “Ladies love lies” . Guess what? That is a big lie. Different women with different strokes. Never assume when it comes to the principles guiding relationships. Be at your best all the time and invest your energy in making it work to have it yield the expected results you and your girlfriend desired at the beginning.

So, what are some of these questions every Girlfriend ask her boyfriend? Here they are below:


1. Why did you choose me out of many other?

This question may look simple to answer but it is deeper than it seems. It seeks an answer from a sincere heart. Most guys would quickly swim into answering it casually but for the lady, it is serious and not casual. So, whenever she asks you this particular question, be real and truthful even if she doesn’t like your reason for asking her out in the first place.

Always remember that being truthful with her shows how much you respect her emotions. Do not hold any reason for dating her back at all.


2. What was your force of attraction to me physically?

Oh yes! This question get asked to many guys out there. She wants to know if what she thinks is her most adorable physical asset is what attracted you to her. So, feel free and tell her what it is about her body or personality that attracted you to her.


3. What are your plans for marriage?

Every marriage loving lady out there would always want to know when the man she is dating would put a ring on her finger and few months after, walk her down the aisle in a wedding ceremony marking the beginning of a blossoming marriage life.

So, when she asks this particular question, ensure she gets the true answer to it. If you are ready for marriage, let her her know and vice versa. This will help her know how long she would plan the future with you.


4. What are your plans for the future?

If you are dating a lady who truly loves you, expect this question at the very first stage of the relationship. If you are serious with the future ahead, you will have an answer already even before she asks this question. Don’t paint huge plans depicting greatness just to impress her. Just  be real and straightforward.

5. How many Kids would you love to have?

Whilst you both are looking at tying the knot anytime soon, she will want to know what your father goals are as regards childbearing in marriage. This is usually a fun filled topic of discussion for two lovers who are so intimate with each other. Enjoy the discussion. 🙂

6. When are you taking me to see your parents?

A lady who means business for marriage will definitely ask you this very question because it has a lot to do with her bonding early with your family while preparations are on ground towards marriage. So, be real with her on this by telling when you intend to take her to see your parents.

7. How will we handle conflict and rough patches in this relationship?

Emotional intelligence is needed here from both of you. As the man, ensure you give a godly and wise counsel on this as most women love be led by a man in relationships. Take your place wisely by giving an input that will strengthen the bond between you both even in moments of conflict.

8. What is your take on cheating?

With the trend of infidelity worldwide, this question will definitely come from her at some point. So, when it comes, air your views as regards cheating while in a relationship or marriage.

It is also important you let her know what your reactions would be if she dares cheat you in the relationship.

9. What is your love language?

In a bid to get to know you better, your girlfriend will want to know what your love language is specifically. Go ahead and tell her so that she can start early to manage these expectations of yours early. Don’t be shy. She loves and respects you which is why she asked you this question.

10. Is there anything you’re afraid to talk to me about?

She will always want to know your secrets and your past before meeting her. This topic usually play a huge role in increasing the bond between you two depending on how truthful you are to her about your secrets or past life.

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