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Top 3 Female Relationship Coaches In Nigeria



Relationship Coaches in Nigeria

Marital Relationships requires serious hard work with well guided implementation of sound knowledge to work 100% as most couples desire and plan. There are relationship Coaches who help people achieve their relationship goals.

There are hundreds of sound relationship coaches in Nigeria but today, we want to concentrate on about three(3) of them who are well known on Facebook.

Here are little details about them.

1. Jenny Chisom Utibe-Akah

Jenny Chisom Utibe-Akah is a phenomenal kind of Coach whose heart cry is concentrated on empowering men in Nigeria to get better and take their rightful places in a family setting and the society at large.

Coah Jenny Chisom Utibe-Akah

Jenny coaches men to make quality love decisions and become happy husbands. She also coaches women who need support with men.

She runs a website where she shares her books, teachings and more. You can read more of what she offers at

2. Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni

Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni is a HR Consultant, customer service specialist,soft skill trainer but most favourably on social media she is a Sex Relationship Coach.

Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni

Her counsels on sexual relationship is topnotch and timely in this season that divorce is the order of the day with cases of infidelity on the rise.

Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni recently opened a private Facebook group – The Relationship and Sex Room(+18). The group is centered on giving guides on sexual relationships among couples. You can check and join the Facebook group here

3. Cynthia Offor

Cynthia Offor

Cynthia Offor is a young lady who have set a goal to sensitize other youths like herself on how to be emotionally intelligent as regards choosing a life partner and what to do to be a good partner.

She is also a content creator who have decided just like Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni to open a Facebook group she named Kingdom Relationship Academy (KRA-The Ecclesia).

The group has young men and women as members. Her daily inputs has helped many as regards relationships.

Relationships like i rightly said earlier requires serious work and hence, those who are serious about building their relationships should seek quality counsel from coaches within their reach to make their journey of love more fun.


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