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Negative Mindset: 3 Ways It Can Deny You A Job



Dirty mindset affects Jobs and career

What business has jobs with the current state of our minds? Well it has a lot to do with it. The level of your reasoning (negative mindset inclusive), determines what comes to you in this life.

I can’t expect to win a gold medal when I always have the mindset that all athletic field events are useless.

This is exactly how it is with all other disciplines of human lifestyle. In this post today, I will be pointing out few ways a dirty (negative) mindset denies an individual a job that should have been his/hers. Read on.

Human mindset is more like the way the eye is to our brains. What you see makes your brain think and come up with a thought. Same way, your ideology/mindset is the point of view that somehow rules your life in terms of decisions, communications, relationships, career and more.

So, let us see what happens when it’s negative from the job perspective.

1. It Makes You have less faith in your Application/Resume

We are in an era where and when applying for jobs are very easy online. Folks from Africa are used to Jobberman, efritin, Jobs Portal and the rest of them. But how is the mind behind the application and submission of CVs?

Sometimes people claim to have faith but actually what they have is nothing compared to the real definition of faith/hope. See what happens here is this; People believe that there are no jobs but when they see an opening, they go for it. Isn’t that funny?

But the truth is, there are jobs all over the place but the question is, which one are you looking at?

A Graduate or non-graduate can still have something doing with his/her life. All it takes is a change of mindset towards jobs and the world at large.

The TV, radios Shows and newspapers will tell you that there are no jobs based on their calculations but actually, those are just bookish analysis because there are jobs all over the place just that we all have failed to awaken them from their mummy graves all over the nations in the world.

With all these news of “no jobs” your faith and mindset is tampered and shifted to fear so that even when you apply for a job, you don’t believe that you can get it despite the fact that you are qualified for it.

Start thinking positive for it opens doors of positive results for you and always think outside the box.

2. It will make you lazy and skill-less

The rising unemployment percentage calculations being aired on TV, radio talk shows, and more have made some persons lazy to hunt for what they can actually do with their lives. Their mindset has become so negative that it can’t even think of something to improvise on and make a living out of.

When we talk about jobs, we don’t just limit ourselves to office white collar jobs alone. A business you founded or a mechanic repair unit you start up is your own job too which you created for yourself.

A negative mindset will weaken your morale from being able to think outside the box to come up with an idea of what to use your brains for.

Some persons are good singers but they wouldn’t just volunteer to sing at shows in religious gatherings but instead remain in the audience when actually they can perform more excellent than most music artistes of these days.

Use what you have as a potential to make a living. You must not have an office to be called one who has a job. There are jobs right inside of you but the problem is that you are not looking at it or even trying to wake it up.

3. It Underestimates Your Potentials

Some persons will be on Facebook, twitter, Instagram seeing someone asking about who can offer a particular kind of service to get paid and wouldn’t give it a shot even when it is related to what they read/studied. You know why?

The negative mindset wouldn’t allow him/her to remember that he/she can always take the job and learn quickly and secretly how to do it or offer it to someone with more experience and later share the money to be paid.

This is the reason why your mindset and morale must be positive at all times cause it will make you a quick thinker. So why not decide to make a change on this day?

Seek for works you know you can do better at a cheaper rate for a start. If you can fix home electronics and more, you don’t need to have a license/workshop to start.

You can visit households and render your service and get paid. Swallow your pride and start out little. You can also work under a friend for some time to raise some money to do something with your life. Never sit back and be left in the dark of joblessness.

You are no different from people who are considered billionaires of this time. Always think outside the Box at all times.

I have come to discover that I have passion for freelance writing so instead of wasting it, I decided to open a website to publish my contents and I also write for other websites to get paid. No potential is meant to be Inert.

This post was aimed at awakening the genius in you. You deserve better in life than being jobless for your talents/potential needs to be put to work.

Don’t wait for the government to provide a job. Start by doing something that is less considered as a job and you will end up becoming a CEO of your own world.

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