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3 Dangers of Neglecting Church Meetings



Church Meeting

Today we want to take some few details of the spiritual dangers of neglecting church meetings. Some Christians in this time have found it hard to attend church prayer meetings, bible studies and even Sunday services in their local churches.

One may ask ‘what could be wrong?’ well, the reason for such is best answered by the person involved but our perspective this day is from the angle of what happens when a Christian decides to neglect the gathering of brethren as advised by St Paul in his epistle to the Hebrews as we see in Hebrews 10:24-25.

St Paul was a beneficiary of the gathering of brethren and hence admonishes the Hebrews out of his experience over time to do the same.

If the brethren then at Damascus were not serious with church meetings for spiritual advancement and kingdom building, probably Paul wouldn’t have gotten saved. But their seriousness did not just grow them spiritually as individuals but as well gave room for the saving of a soul and its grooming in the way of the lord. So can we now see that a lot happens in the gathering of brethren? It is actually not to be neglected.

Today, I will point out three (3) spiritual dangers that accompany neglect of church worship moments;

1.You will lose connection with the God-kind

In the church meetings are other saints with whom you pray to God as a family. In there, a lot happens in communing together as brethren especially during the bible study meetings, you get to meet people discussing God from their own understanding and from that moment, you will also get fresh revelations of God and more which will make your life journey interesting and worth it. But when you ignore the place of meeting with other Christians like yourself, you will miss out in connecting with the God-kind.

Whatsoever are the reasons why you don’t attend any of the church meetings, try and see how to amend or work on it for the sake of your spiritual growth. You can’t meet your fellow Christians and remain the same… will always pick a lesson.

2.You will often times miss out in the Move of God for the season

When the brethren are gathered in the place of prayer and the study of the word, God always reveals what he has in stock for his people for the season via his words and the convictions he lays in the heart of them that look to him. Study 1 Cor 12-14 and you will see so many things that God deposits in the saints that becomes a blessing to each persons in church gatherings.

When you do not attend church meetings, you wouldn’t understand the move of God for the season and pray with conviction like those who were present when the word came during the meeting. Being present is very important.

3.Lesser understanding and practicing of the Word of God

Something happens to the way you understand the word of God the moment you begin to see no value in gathering with other brethren.

There are so many ways God uses the church meetings to expose you to great dimensions of who he is but when you are not there, how do you intend to learn more? In this race, you need others at certain points to keep growing.

If other Christians were of no importance, then St. James wouldn’t have made the recommendations he made in James 5:16.

Start again today to retrace your steps and begin to value the church meetings you neglected. God does wonders in the gathering of the brethren because God himself gave an assurance of his presence according to Matthew 18:20. Tap from his presence the very resources you need. Stay Blessed.

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