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PlayStation 5: How Many Women Will Buy It For Their Lovers?



PlayStation 5 Game Console

The sweet news about the Sony’s release of PlayStation 5 is gracing the front page of so many Tech Blogs worldwide right now. There are millions of fans of the PlayStation game console out there who are already salivating to have a grip on those sultry control pads.

The design of the PlayStation 5 is so exquisite and uncommon. It is not the usual design Gamers worldwide would think of on a normal.

Well, have you observed that men play games more than women worldwide? This leads us to the core objective of this post. The question i want to ask today is, “As many men out there who love PlayStation are salivating for the new release, how many of their female lovers are willing to purchase one as a gift for them?”.

When certain women fashion stuffs trend, many men out there rush to get it for their girlfriends/wives but when certain kinds of stuff peculiar to men trend, who buys for the men? Is it that stuffs pertaining to men don’t interest most women out there?

This short post is just to raise questions as regards how much of men desired stuffs out there are valued by women. So if you are woman reading this, can you share in the comment box below what men like that you have ever purchased for your man.


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