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How To Be A Good Boyfriend In The End Time Period



Good Boyfriend

Hey Guys, it is one thing to woo a girl into accepting you as a boyfriend and another to keep her for a very along time. If you love the lady you call your girlfriend, then there is every need for you to learn to be a good boyfriend to her.

Most times after asking a lady out, most guys center the relationship on having fun alone. Well, there is more to relationships than just catching some fun. These activities tagged fun are very necessary to spice the relationship up but over time, repetitions of these activities makes them boring.

When you date a girl and don’t know how to bring out the best in her, you will end up being frustrated as a young man because what you think you are doing right are actually wrong.

When dating a lady, there are certain strategies you should employ to make sure that you are bringing out the best in her at every point in time. These strategies are what we shall be looking at today. Read carefully with an open mind.

1. Value your relationship with Her

If you really love her, then you will value your relationship with her. When we talk of value here, we talk of not having an alternative to her. When you craft out a person , thing or hobby to be a direct substitute of your girlfriend, then you’ve missed the point of the relationship.

2. Understand her way of reasoning

When it comes to communication, you the man have much work to do. When discussing with her, you must learn how to listen quietly to her to be able to understand what is it she is trying to say to you. Listening is a skill you must take serious.

When she nags about something you did, learn to calm your emotions down and let her finish before you explain yourself. Women digest information outwardly most of the time unlike most men. Learn to understand her and her ways of reasoning. Don’t judge her instead, understand her. Do not belittle her in anyway.

3. Support her dreams and Goals

Just like you, she also has dreams, aspirations, ambitions and goals per time. You will do her life more good if you show maximum support to all her dreams and goals. When you do this, you make it easy for her to follow the good path of being supportive to one’s spouse (Which is you).

4.Be a good leader

It is very good while dating that you learn to head a relationship that would one day end in marriage. Learn how to be a good leader who will never lead his follower astray. Lead her to good things of life. When you fail to lead her to great things of life, another man somewhere will.

Good things of life in this context refers to anything that will help her and yourself become better persons in the society and beyond. As the man, always show good example. Be a boyfriend with a difference of positive class.

5. Help your GF to be spiritual about Life

It is very important that you yourself be spiritually sound and meditative about who God is, what he wants from you always before  you think of helping your GF to be spiritually inclined. Engaging in different spiritual exercises will help you both avoid negative practices while in a relationship.

Being spiritual will help you both look beyond the physical part of life and have a positively changed mind that is conscious of an after life. This is also very important because it will help you both take life more seriously and not casually.

What other ways do you thing a boyfriend should be good to his girlfriend in this Millennium? Share your views by dropping a comment.


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