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Canada Jobs For Married Couples May 2020



Are you married and you together with your spouse desire to work as immigrants in Canada?  There are some opportunities at the moment.

In Canada,  there are constant opportunities for immigrants for over 3 years now as Canadian government have liased with other countries to make immigration easy.

Migrating to Canada officially has been made easy via job opportunities in recent times.  These opportunities has brought the world together in Canada.

Below is a Canada  Job opportunities available for Married couples from all over the world.

1. Wedding Photographers

Are you and your spouse photographers by profession,  then this is a great opportunity for you both to expand your profession .

All you need to do is apply for the position and await any further screening procedures by the employers (JM photography) involved.

If you are interested in this available job slot,  kindly read the official details and requirements for the job stated out by JM Photography.



(will include, but not limited to)

1. Acute adherence to studio’s brand and brand experience.

2.Being the team lead for each wedding you are working.

3.Providing direction and guidance to the second photographers and assistants work with you.

3. Conducting a timeline review with the couple prior to their wedding day

4. Providing direction and guidance to the couple regarding their wedding.

5.Capturing the primary shot list for each event or wedding.

6.Assisting in the recording of the days events for our studios writers.

7.Managing and maintaining your own equipment, the studios lighting equipment.
Other duties are required.


The following is a list of the skills we would like you to be able to demonstrate.

1. Punctual.

2. Detail oriented.

3. Self-starter, quick learner and critical thinker.

4. Excellent customer service skills.
Strong command of the English language both written and verbal.

5. Experience managing high-value clients and their expectations.

6. Have a professional attitude towards clients and other professionals.

7. Proven photographic experience, specifically related to weddings and events.
Current knowledge of the latest photographic trends, technology, and software.

8. Proven knowledge of working with studio and off camera flash lighting equipment.

9. Ability to breakdown complex situations or problems.

10. Ability to deliver positive, solution based responses to customer inquiries.

11. Ability to work with a high level of discretion and be able to work independently.

12. Ability to work in a systematic fashion from a very detailed pre-defined process workflow without missing steps or details.

13. An understanding of photo and video terminology is an asset.


While the following list would be nice for someone to have we are willing to work with the right individual even if they don’t yet have all the necessary gear.

The following is a list of what you would most likely eventually need.

Have your own reliable transportation (Must have this)

  • Full frame Nikon, Canon, or Sony Camera
    24-70mm or 24-105mm lens
    70-200mm lens
    35mm or 85mm prime lens
    A Macro Lens for Ring Shots
    x1 Speedlight for your camera (if you don’t have this we would want you to get a StrobePro X60 as then it will be compatible with all our studios lighting gear)
    All other lighting gear is provided by the studio.


While I strongly believe that the right attitude and mindset is the most important part of being successful in this position having the listed experience below is an asset.

Photography Experience – 1-3 years of experience

Any sales experience is an asset


Type: Contract work

Work Days: Monday to Sunday

Contracted Hours: Min of 2hrs and a Max of 13hrs per day

Compensation: $250-$1250/day (Varies depending on the booked job)


The first and most obvious one would be working with our amazing team!

The second which is almost as good would be free photography with our studio!


The hiring process will be conducted in four rounds.

Round 1: Application:

You are required to submit a cover letter, resume and professional portfolio of your work.

In your cover letter if you can please tell me a little bit about yourself and why you are unique.

Please also use the words ATTENTION to DETAIL as I have written it.

Please provide a PDF of your 5 best in camera shots and those same 5 photos edited.

Please provide a link to your online portfolio for us to review.

Each application will be reviewed by the JM Photography team and a selection of the applicants will be chosen to move on to the next round.

Round 2: Phone Interview

For the phone interview, only the successful candidates will be contacted.

The phone interview will be mostly behavioral and lets us get to know you a little better!

We will also go over your photography background.

Round 3: Face to Face interview

This round will be a face-to-face interview conducted at our studio with the studio owner Jeremy Martel and our studio manager.

Round 4: Field Test

Once you have complete the other rounds successfully there will be a period of time where you will shadow our studio’s owner (Jeremy) at his weddings ensuring that you maintain the quality experience our couples have come to know and that you know how to capture the imagery our studio is known for.


Apply  for this Job HERE

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