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Will He Marry Me? [ 10 Signs He Will]



“Will he marry me? ” has been the greatest thought of most ladies in a relationship with a guy who hasn’t popped the question “Will you marry me? “.

It is absolutely normal to think that way because relationships have different stages ideally.  So,  some growth should be seen over a period of time.

So, are you in a relationship with a man for a short or long while and wondering if he will eventually be so in love with you to marry you?  Below are some Ten(10) signs that he will.

After having the thought “Will he marry me?”, do well to take proper note of these signs to ensure you are not being misled.

1. He Talks And Believes In Marriage

If he talks about marriage with you most of the time,  discussing his desires and fantasies about it with you,  then it is clear he desires to be married and most probably with you.

If he believes that marriage is something good that people in love with each other should give a huge try,  then his desire to be married is very high.

2. He Refers To Himself And You As “We”

When a man values you and desires to share his entire being with you,  he will always refer to anything that has to do with you both as ‘we’.

When making statements,  he will always use the pronoun ‘we’ in all his sentences even when talking about what is his so far you are involved.

For example if he is being asked what he plans for the weekend and he says “Ehmmm,  we’re planning on going to see movie or attend a wedding party. ” Notice the word ‘we’ there. He is referring to you and himself.

3. He Feels Safe And Secured Around You

It takes sincere trust and absolute love to feel safe and secured around someone in a relationship.  If he feels so around you, chances are he is so interested in walking down the aisle with you soonest.

If he doesn’t see any reason to hide anything about himself from you,  that means he feels safe with you. When this happens,  value him in return because it is clear he is about getting married to you.

4. He Makes You Part Of His Family Already

When he is serious about marriage,  he finds  it so easy and safe to introduce you to his family members.  He will constantly want to get you acquainted with his parents and siblings.

When he does these things,  he is preparing you for the relationship that lies ahead between you and his own family which is very necessary.

5. He Talks About The Future With You In It

You will know if he is interested in marrying you when he talks about the future goals and ambitions he has at heart with you in it.

If each time he talks about the future he gives lots of space for you in it,  that means he is willing to share his future with you big time.

6. He Talks About Family Building And Kids 

When he is interested in you as regards marriage,  you will notice him talk about family building and having kids.

If he is on the lane of marriage with you in mind,  you will also observe his desires to have kids someday when married.  All his desires as regards starting a family he will tell you.

7. He Feels Comfortable Sharing Anything With You

What is love without sharing?  He will feel so much Comfort to share different things with you. If he is really ready to marry you,  he can share his money,  material things,  knowledge and lots more with you.

He can do this without reservations at all if he sees you as someone he truly wants to marry.

8. He Values Your Opinion In His Decisions

You can tell if the answer to your question of “will he marry me? ” is yes or no if he values your opinion in anything he wants to do.

When you both discuss anything,  does he show any signs of value and respect for your opinions? If he does, then he sees you as an important part of his life and future.

9. He Doesn’t Run Away In Difficult Times

If when times are hard he sticks so much around to show his support to the best of his might,  chances are he desires to spend the rest of his life with you.

If in difficult times he helps you to overcome the odds around you through encouragements and more,  then he values your mental health extremely.

10. He Pops the Question “Will You Marry Me?

After all is said and done,  he still needs to pop the question “Will you marry me? ” For you to be sure that he is actually interested officially in marrying you.

There is no need to assume when he hasn’t proposed marriage to you.  A man who truly means business on the journey to marriage will pop the question so that the next level ‘Courtship’ can kick-start.  Avoid assumptions.

Assumptions have led to thousands of heartbreaks out there.  To avoid that experience,  assume nothing when it comes to marriage.  Deal with facts on ground.

So,  what others signs do you think shoes that a man is really interested in marrying a woman?

Please drop your comments in the comment box.

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      May 2, 2020 at 5:42 am

      Hi Timothy,

      Thanks so much. I will keep it up. I am so glad you found it interesting.

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