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How To Date A Facebook Friend In Nigeria



When it comes to the topic of dating someone you met on Facebook in Nigeria ,  there are tons of ideologies out there speaking against it.  But,  should you date a Facebook Friend in Nigeria  if the lights between you both are falling in pleasant places?

I would say, “Follow your heart big time.” after following your heart,  you then need to learn how to date  a Facebook friend properly so that it won’t end up being a waste of time and emotional resource.

Many have been left heartbroken over time because the one they thought was the love of their life treated them like trash.

When such happens,  both parties are to blame because the breakup outcome is a result of a previous action of both parties either failure to learn and do the right things or just deliberate actions of deceit.

In this article,  we’ll be considering different ways you can date a Facebook friend in Nigeria  and make something serious out of it.  This kind of relationship will need your deliberate interest and decisions.

Below are ways you can date someone you met on Facebook.

Step 1: Evaluate closely your similarities and differences 

After meeting a man or woman online,  it is completely normal and usual when they always try to be their best when talking with you online.

At this point,  you can only find out what their likes,  dislikes,  hobbies,  Jobs,  and more are by their own confessions to you  but often times,  there is a little  fear of deception at this stage.

This is one of the reasons why many say that true love can’t be found on social media.  But that’s not true.  It can be found.

So,  how can you find the truth after the person you are interested in have given you some details about themselves?

The best thing to do is believe them 100% but take no detail to heart.  This will give you a boost to flip the page about them in case they lied to you earlier.

After finding out little details about them (whether you both are in the same location or not) , try and map out the similarities and differences between you two.

This will guide your choice of whether to go on a love journey with him or her.  While employing this step,  ensure you don’t get emotionally attached just yet.

Step 2: Be Real Friends First

If a romantic relationship will last long and be sweet no matter what odds comes against it,  the man and woman must be true friends.

So,  once you two start to get along online, firstly before any form of physical contact,  make sure you two try hard to be just friends first of all.

Understand that relationships take time to build and harness.  Don’t be too desperate to rush into romantic talks and media sharing yet.

Talk about yourselves more and share different ideas on different topics.  This will help you both discover each other’s way if reasoning.  At this point you can also find out if he or she is your kind of person.

But you must make sure that you are not letting him or her find out  so easily the kind of person you desire ot marry.  If you do this,  he or she may just engage the art of hypocrisy and get you hooked to themselves so easily.

Step 3: Have No Demands

If you ever kick start your friendship with demands,  It will be a relationship dazed with ideologies such as “give me this and I will give you that” which is not healthy.  You both will end becoming friends with benefits.

When you quickly start placing demands on him or her because you both are getting along so fast or easily,  you stand a chance of ruining a seemingly good relationship.

Before you met him or her,  were you not independent? Stick to your pattern of living so that he or she will love you for who you are.

Examples of these demands are Sex, money,  Favours,  Sexting, visits,  toxic attention seeking requests, et al.

Make you don’t use any of these relationship ruining demands when dating a Facebook friend in Nigeria.

Step 4: Have A Marriage Plan At Heart

Dating has a lot to do with the heart and your emotions as well as the other person’s.  So,  you must have marriage at heart as a reason why you will finally decide or agree to date someone.

Don’t take dating to be an opportunity to have fun and waste time and resources.  Dating is an early stage to relationships that end in marriage.

So,  before you engage,  try to think it through so that you won’t end up ruining someone’s life with deception and selfishness.  If you don’t like taking a train to work,  you have no business with the train station in the morning.

Step 5: Remain Focused On Developing Yourself

While getting along with your new found friend online,  endeavour to keep working on yourself to be better per day.  Don’t be stiff-necked to things that are not good for your growth both Career and relationship wise.

Be deliberate about this as it will be a boost to your relationship with the person you’ve decided to date online.  Stay focused big time and be ready to learn new positive things.

So,  what are your thoughts on this article?  Can you date a Friend you met on Facebook?

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