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How To Plan A Nigerian Wedding (Low Or High Budget)



How to plan a Nigerian Wedding on low budget


Planning a Nigerian Wedding can be so overwhelming and stressful most times because the Nigeria kind of setting and culture diversity. But, there are ways to avoid being burnt out as a result of wedding planning.

In this article, we shall be looking at smarter ways to plan a Nigerian Wedding big or small.

When most persons want to get married, they start with budgeting and get confused most times as regards how to allocate expenditures to different important ‘Must dos’ for the wedding.

This then leads to them hiring a wedding planner which is a good idea but an additional expense to the already existing one.

The overwhelming fatigue that comes with wedding plans has led many intending couples in times past to run into heavy debts, trouble and shame which then lead to lots of depression for like 7 months after wedding in some cases.

Instead of starting their new home on a joy-filled ride, they battle with depression and arrest threats from Banks and people whom they borrowed money from before their wedding.

While planning my wedding back in 2019, my wife and i who were from different cultural heritage decided how and what we wanted for our wedding without having family members put us under any form of financial pressure.

I being an Igbo man and she a Bini woman managed the cultural differences with sound wisdom to avoid aftermath drama of finance and other family related headaches that comes with weddings in Nigeria. I will be talking about how to get married to an Edo woman in another later article.

So, planning a wedding is not a death sentence as many see it. Below are the guides you should employ in planning a Nigerian wedding (Big or Small).

1.Draw The Budget That Matches Your Earning Class

When you want to plan your wedding whether big or small, do well to plan it with a reference to how much you earn per month or per annum. It is advisable that you don’t budget your wedding to exceed 70% of your per annum or few month salary altogether.

This is so that you can have some tangible amount of money left for starting your new home without having to borrow money from anybody.

This move of proper budgeting is also essential so that you won’t have to be dependent on the money sprays or support from the wedding to pay for some services during the wedding ceremony. Doing this can bring you and your spouse heavy embarrassments during the wedding.

While drawing the budget for the wedding, ensure that you seek proper counsel and be conscious that there are different seasons in the Nigerian market. This should guide your choice of date for the wedding.

Ensure to choose date that best match your kind of budget. For example, if you are planning to use an open field as a reception venue for your wedding ceremony, ensure your date doesn’t fall under the raining season months.

If you don’t take note of the times and season before planning your wedding, you may end up spending more than necessary on your wedding. So, you and your partner should take out quality time to research prices of all services you both need and make excellent budget in line with them.

2. Save Money Appropriately
After drawing the budget that matches your earning class, you will seriously and consciously have to save some money in that regards appropriately. Failure to do this means, you are not yet serious with getting married.

For example, if you earn N80,000 per month as a man and have planned a low budget wedding of N650,000, then you will at least need to save N60,000 – N70,000 monthly for a space of ten(10) months. This is serious business.

The above is just an illustration. Your budget may be lower or higher depending on your earnings per month but ensure that your saving plan can help you meet your time frame target for the wedding.

Also take note of the fact that once the plans are on, payment in advance for some needed services for the wedding will kick-start. So, you will have to be sincerely disciplined when saving for the big day.

3.Carry Both Families Along In The Wedding Plan

When family members are not carried along, there tend to be so much misunderstanding that can cost you lots of funds to fix during the wedding proper. Ensure to carry them along with the plan.

Whatsoever you and your partner plan and decide, try to carry both families along because as the wedding draws closer, everyone is seeking updates from both sides. If there be any information concerning them, ensure to carry them along in such situation.

It is during wedding plans that you can leverage on family members availability to bond with some of them that are hardly around. Maximize this period to your own advantage. At the end of it all, it is all about family.

Another good reason why you should carry Family members along is so that you won’t miss out on any form of help you may get from them. Some family member can help out with some arrangements that could be overwhelming to you and your spouse.

With close family members in the picture of your plans, there will be no need for a wedding planner should in case you intend to have a low budget wedding. Do what is best for your wedding but most importantly be happy while planning the wedding.

4. Stay Healthy And Mentally Sound
In the Nigerian setting, anxiety is a common feeling for intending couples during wedding planning. You must avoid this by ensuring that you stay safe and mentally sound at all times. Exercise often and get good amount of rests too. Eat well too.

Avoid getting tensed over plans that are not working as expected. While planning a wedding, some things can take a negative turn but you don’t need to join such directions by feeling bad or tensed to an extent of breaking down emotionally.

Remember that you will need to be emotionally sound to make good decisions while making plans. You can’t afford to be in a bad mood so often. Such feelings can also affect proper communication with your partner. Watch it closely and stay above the odd.

5. Take Post-Wedding Goals And Plans Serious
Post-wedding goals or plans are those things that will eventually become the reality for you and your partner after the wedding.

Example of post-wedding goals and plans are things like relocation, renting of a new apartment, getting a car, change of jobs and more. Don’t get so carried away by the wedding ceremony plans alone and forget the life that follows immediately after the wedding day.

Intending couples are to ensure they have these things planned out and attended to from the early stage of budgeting so that they both can be comfortable following the post-wedding goals and plans for their own good.

Wedding planning times are very important stages that should be taken serious because they will determine a lot of things in the marriage to come.

So, don’t be carried away by the wedding dresses, bridal train, Men in black, wedding venue, food and drinks, Bachelor’s night, Bridal shower and more and then forget to get your heart ready to love your partner to the very end of life on earth.

Take the plans easy and stay positive as well.






  1. Dave

    May 10, 2020 at 5:27 am

    I tell how mine was a success.
    1. I wrote down everything we Needed for the wedding. Everything we Needed not wanted.From wedding rings to even the chauffeurs to even Music. It was indeed detailed.

    2. We also had to decide, which was more important, which ones can we actually not do without, do we have alternatives?

    3. We prayed…

    4. Everything was miraculously taken care of my friends. I had a list, some will call me what have you not done, I’ll say “a, b, c” then they will opt for ‘b’.. I had everything written down.

    You know Hab 2:2 says, to write the vision and make it plain.

    You can actually do a wedding with as low as 300k it will be perfect.

    I hope this helps.


    • Ike Ani

      May 10, 2020 at 5:31 am

      Hi Dave,

      I would say you have the best of friends in the world. Your strategy was great. It can help a lot of persons in the times we are in.

      Thanks so much for these additional insight on the topic.

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