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COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: 3 Educating Games To Play With Family



Online Games for Families in COVID-19 lockdown

While the world looks as though it is on an ultimate ‘pause mode’ right now due to the COVID-19 spread, many families are all at home bored because this current pandemic is so weird that schools, jobs and churches/mosques are all shutdown.

This has led to so many complaints by parents on social media platforms as to how the COVID-19 inflicted lock down has led to boredom at home. In this article, we have coined out a few indoor games you may consider playing with your spouse and kids while on lock down.

These games can help you and your family fight boredom and as well educate your kids as they are currently not going to school due to the pandemic.

Below are the games you can try:

1.Ludo Game:

The Ludo game is cool and mathematically educating as this can help your kids keep track of addition of numbers, probability and logical reasoning. For you and your spouse, this can also encourage bonding deeper. Give it a shot.

2. Scrabble

Learning more words can be fun a times. This game can help your kids learn new words while indoors this period. Encourage their learning process with games such as this. Learning never ends so give this a try to improve your word bank knowledge.

3. Chess

The Chess game has been tagged the ‘hard to play’ kind of indoor game by many people worldwide. Maybe this is the time to learn how to play it alongside your kids and spouse. This can keep the entire house busy and fun-filled.

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