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Divorce In Nigeria: 5 Warfare Prayers To Take Daily



divorce in Nigeria 2020

Right now, divorce in Nigeria is becoming a norm for those who are married. Many married couples are no longer interested in making their marriages work anymore because there are philosophies all over the world of today encouraging divorce at any point of provocation at home.

A heartbreaking news of a massive awaiting Divorce in Nigeria was said had hit headline of top news blogs in Nigeria back in February 2020. This data leaked by a twitter user purported that as at January, about 4,000 cases of divorce were awaiting court hearing for the first quarter of the year 2020 in Abuja.

This is shameful because these marriages that are lined up for heavy crashes were ventured into by supposed adults who at their age should be wise enough to know what they really want in life. This shows that there is an atmosphere that is not pleasant to marriages these days we are in.

Praying against the rampant divorce in Nigeria at this point is very important for all married couple as nothing happens without a force behind it. This is mostly spiritual before the physical conforms with it.

In this article, we shall consider about five (5) prayers to take seriously daily if you are married. Here they are:

1.Prayer against the spirit of divorce in Nigeria

There is a spirit behind every trend in the world system. This you must understand and get ready to war against. Take this prayer serious as you stand against it in prayer. Marriage is a beautiful thing with so many glorious outcomes but bad trends such as divorce serve as adversaries against it just as seen in Ephesians 6:12. The glorious things won’t come without a fight of faith.

2.Pray against all cheating habits in your spouse

When we talk about cheating, we are quick to think of a spouse in bed with a third party. This is where we are getting it all wrong. Cheating goes beyond extra-marital affairs. There are different ways husbands and wives cheat against each other.

Cheating ranges from emotions, commitment to finance, time spent together and more. When your partner is defaulting in these areas, it is also cheating. Take note of these perspectives and get to prayer as fast as possible after having a heart to heart talk about it with your partner.

3. Plead the blood of Jesus upon your marriage

If you are a christian and you believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, do well then to seek the blood of Jesus to speak in your marriage in order to put an end to any form of breakage the devil wants to bring into your home. Take this prayer as a warfare kind of prayer. You need to win.

4. Ask God for wisdom in your marriage

Wisdom is profitable to direct in all situations. Seek wisdom and understanding from God everyday on how to deal with issues in your marriage. Lack of wisdom is a factor boosting the trending divorce topics in Nigeria right now.

Lack of wisdom is more worse than cancer in the time we are in. Go for wisdom to be able to withstand the breeze of evil in this perilous times we are in.

5. Ask God for grace to shun social media philosophies

Many marriages are crashing because so many married folks are taking social media quotes and philosophies serious and go ahead to employ them at home.

Most of those theories are founded on faulty foundations that lack any premise of wisdom for family building. Watch out for these digital evil and also be careful of who your source of information is.

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