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Prayers For Spouse and Family

5 Hot Prayers To Pray For Your Husband Daily



Marriage relationships backed up with spirituality is usual more sweet and interesting than the ones without. There are certain prayers to pray for your husband as a wife on a daily basis. It is not enough to assume he is a good man and therefore, must know what to do per time. There are trying times for men in life.

Prayer has been proven by many married or intending couples to be a great tool of growth in their relationships. Some said it helped them to bond with their partners as they saw a tremendous growth in their consciousness towards what their partners needed per day. Literally, it helped them feel their partners heart beat from afar.

So, as a wife or wife-to-be, below are some five (5) hot prayers you will need to pray for your husband always.

1. Pray That God will guide your husband’s focus

Maintaining focus takes deliberate efforts naturally but when some good level of spirituality is attached to it, the understanding of why he will need to remain focused gets deeper and more stable. So, this prayer would help involve God in your husband’s affairs on a daily basis.

2. Ask God to protect him and his ambitions from dream killers

After your husband wrote down those great plans and visions of life which he already talked to you about, there are tons of evil out there constantly working hard to make sure he doesn’t achieve any of them. These dream killers can come in form of character, addictions, colleagues, jobs and more. There are no limits to what and who could become a dream killer to your husband’s aspirations.

So, you will seriously need to stand your ground on the altar of prayer to plead for spiritual security for your husband at all times. This you will need to do without getting tired as a wife. Remember, you guys have a long journey to constant glory. Guard it with all your might.

3. Pray for open doors that appreciates his hard works

When a man works so hard with no appreciation from life generally, it is depressing and frustrating most of the times. You will need to pray to God to open doors of favour that will validate your husband’s hard works. His hard works are not for nothing.

Praying this prayer will help a lot in having a happy man at home all the time. Imagine a happy husband that is not frustrated at any point as he keeps working hard. I guess that is your heart desire. Go for it in prayers.

4. Pray for grace of perseverance for him

When there is no strength to move on while on a course, the mission and vision is finished and rubbished for real. You as a wife need to seek God’s grace to rest upon your husband that he may have the strength he needs to keep holding on until the expected results become a reality.

5. Pray for God’s wisdom of fatherhood and love to rest on him

After all is said and done, it takes wisdom to love purely and as well be a good father and husband. These tasks are not easy for the man. You will need to help him by pleading for God to grant him wisdom to love his marriage and be a good father to you first of all and his kids no matter the odds around him.

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