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5 Signs She Is Deceiving You In A Relationship



signs she is deceiving and cheating on you

When it comes to the issue of deceit in relationships, the hurt that comes with it can be so traumatizing as well as annoying in the sense that one partner is made to look like a clown all the while. But come to think of it in your current relationship as a man, is she deceiving you ?

What should a man look out for to check if he is being deceived by his girlfriend or fiancee in a relationship? What to do is pretty simple. There are red flags always to point out the errors ongoing that your love for her wouldn’t let you see. Knowing these red flags early would help you see what your emotions on a normal wouldn’t let you see.

Below are about five (5) signs that your girlfriend/fiancee is deceiving you without you knowing:

1.Her Phone is always on Airplane Mode While at Your Place

Once she comes visiting you, her smartphone would most of the time be on airplane mode. This is one of the oldest trick in the book used by ladies who are not trustworthy in relationships. This act is to avoid conflicting calls that expose that you are just one of her pets in the business of hexa-dating.

2. She is not proud of you enough to introduce you to her friends and family

While many would love to argue this point, there is an important question to ask here. “Why won’t you be proud of the one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with? “At least, her friends should know who you are. If her friends and at least one relation of hers don’t know you at all, then there is more to the story.

If you fall under this category, try to find out why it is so by asking her some questions as to why she is not proud of you enough to talk about you to her friends or a family member. If you both just started dating, then exercise some patience with this sign considering the fact that she maybe still trying to know you a little before talking about you to her friends or family.

But, if you both have been together for quite a good duration of time, please take it serious as there could more to the story. One shouldn’t be ashamed of what he/she values.

3. She is quick to threaten you with a break-up during arguments

If at any slightest opportunity she finds it convenient to always threaten you with a break up, then take this sign serious. It could mean you have a current, active substitute just by the corner who is operating on a low key. This could serve as a signal that she is deceiving you somehow.

Most guys don’t want to think in this direction most times just because they want to maintain their trust level for their girlfriend but when this act becomes frequent, let your manly thinking logic lead you. Keep emotions aside and think it through in order to know what wise action to take in your relationship.

4. She doesn’t care about your goals and ambitions

What kind of a woman who stands as a future life partner would not care about her man’s future ambitions or goals? This is a future that she is potentially going to be part of. If she doesn’t ask after your work, job, plans and more just to know what you are up to per time, then there is more to her lack of care.

If you are currently experiencing this, you need to find out what’s going on with her behind your back. Could it be that you are not transparent enough or she is just not the right kind of woman for you? Think this through with an open mind.

5. “The Whatsapp way of love” she is deceiving you with in the name of showing you off

Considering the trending feature introduced by messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, users can share what/who they care about on their status. This feature is widely used by proud men and women who care enough to show off their lovers online.

If she is the deceiving type, she would put you up there too but guess what? You are the only one viewing the status she put up there. How to know she is deceiving you is simple. Just use another phone that has her Whatsapp number to view her status and you will see that her status of you is only available for viewing by you alone because there is a setting that permits that.

A lot of deceit goes on in relationships. This is why you will have to be so smart and wise as well when it comes to choosing a partner for yourself. Never get carried away by sexual signals. Look at the character of the woman involved and be sure not to be the source of inspiration for her to misbehave while in a relationship with you.

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