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Social Media: At What Age Should Your Teenage Child Open Accounts? [3 Answers Here]



effects of social media on teenagers

The topic social media is quite a large one. When it is discussed by parents, many persons have different views that tend to conflict with each other. Most parents right now are seeing nothing wrong with their teenage kids being on social media at an early age. Many say it helps the kid to socialize with other teenagers like him/herself on the internet.

When a Nigerian parent was asked if teenagers should be allowed to open social media accounts at early teenage age, his reply was that: “it is very good because it has helped my kids act and behave smarter because they are now more conversant with how the internet works.” His reply could be the same with some parents and as well, an opposite to other parents’ view as regards social media being used by teenagers.

Considering the dark sides of the social media of this age, should a teenager be there quite early?

In Benin city Nigeria, a young girl was attacked by a teenage boy during a secondary school inter-house sports. She was punched severely on the face and she was bleeding profusely. The situation was calmed by some soldiers who were fortunately present at the event.

When teachers and the authority dug deep into the root cause of the nasty scene, it was said that the two teenagers(The injured girl and boy who attacked her) have been involved in a Facebook word brawl for a while and the boy using the social media knowledge of her where about waited till the day of her school’s event to have a go of fight at her. He succeeded though got punished by the soldiers mercilessly.

Now, from the above short story, you would agree with me that on social media, users are quick to share literally almost everything about their lives there. Imagine your teenage son or daughter sharing all about his teenage life experience online with strangers he doesn’t know in real life?

While a few get lucky with positive friends, many teenagers don’t have so much of positive online friends because of the emotional pressure to explore the fantasies that comes with puberty and advancement into the adolescent stage of maturity. At this stage, if they are not properly managed by an adult to stay positive, they tend to make life threatening mistakes.


Well, be smart to know what works for your children. Some kids based on how they are raised can take corrections and parental bans with so much understanding and respect while some would cut corners to avoid obeying any form of parental restrictions.

So, what kind of kid have you raised in your home? If your answer is the latter, then you must be smarter to know when they are trying to cut corners. Take deliberate actions in always communicating with them deeply beyond greetings and errands. Take your relationship with them a little more forward and deeper. Feel what they feel and know what they know. This way, you will find the way to their hearts so easily. This will make counseling them a lot more easier.

Most parents are gradually loosing grip of their kids to social vices because they have failed woefully to learn to spend time with their kids and when these kids get a substitute for their parents, hardly would they want to look back.


If you are worried and confused about the contents your teenage child will be exposed to while making use of a smartphone. then you will need to actually go through some apps that are known for blocking adult content on smartphones used by kids.

These Apps helps you regulate the kinds of contents pop up on your teenager’s phone while surfing the internet any day, anytime. Regulating the ones who have smartphones is actually easy depending on what tactics you are employing.



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