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3 Smart Ways To Dump An Abusive Partner



Abusive partner

Are you currently in a relationship with an abusive partner that finds it easy to hurt you both physically and emotionally? The time to set yourself free has come. This is the 21st century where certain kind of tolerance should not be entertained. You need to live long for the sake of your destiny and those you love. There are still other reasons why you should live and not be a victim in the history books of domestic violence or abusive.

I understand that most times, it is usually hard for victims of this kind of relationship to want to opt out because they are not different from hypnotized persons, more like they are under a spell. This is simply because the victim loves the abusive partner in an abnormal way.

An abusive partner will will always have smart ways of keeping the other (victim) tied down for long until some awakening and spell break takes place. Many persons (male and female) have passed through this nasty experience but there is always a way out of this kind of situation.

We will be looking at three(3) smart steps to take to dump an abusive partner within the shortest period of time.

1.Clearly state out to the abusive partner his/her wrong doing

You will need to be bold when trying to break free from any relationship that has to do with an abusive partner. Clearly speak up about how he/she has been abusing you emotionally or physically. Let the abusive partner know for what reason you want to opt out.

But, if the partner is the violent type, avoid being alone with such a person when doing this because he or she may go violent as usual and this time, it maybe more fierce and more dangerous. Your life is more important.

If you are a woman, avoid visiting him to take this step. This is to avoid getting raped or hurt since he is the violent and an abusive type. You can do this over a phone, on Whatsapp or messenger. You just choose what medium to use but avoid face to face if he or she is violent and abusive in nature. This will save you a nasty scene. Ignore any plea for face to face contact to talk things over because it may not end well.

2. Cut ties in Communication with the abusive partner

If you want to kill any kind of relationship, just kill ‘communication’ and boom! It will be dead in no time. So, it is very important you cut ties with any medium of communicating with such partner. Don’t fall for the talk of ‘are we now enemies’? This question has sweet talked many into falling back into the arms of wolfs who claim to be loving and kind but are extremists in abusing their partners.

Cutting ties with such a partner is not limited to communication alone. If you know of anything materialistic you both share together, do well to return them as such materials can be the reason why the abusive partner will seek smart ways back into your life. You wouldn’t want this to happen i believe. So, return all without exemption. Do not try to be smart in doing this by leaving out some things you feel you hold dear. This may be the loophole for a return match to come torture you some more.

3. Flush your mind through a Therapy/Counseling

This suggestion may sound odd to some persons reading this article right now but i tell you, you need to go through a therapy or counseling session to flush your memory of some bad moments shared with the abusive partner. Doing this will help you not to have traumas and depression at all times whenever it comes to relationship.

If you reject this method when trying to dump or forget about an abusive partner, you may end up being unfair over time to your new partner. You will be like one on a mission to avenge the wrong done to him/her. This won’t be a good report because you will be no different from your former abuser.

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Going through a counseling session has helped many from overcoming the desire to commit suicide. The rate at which people run into depression because of relationship traumas is alarming. So, when trying to opt out of an abusive relationship, do well to book a counseling session with an expert in the field of relationships.

Hey! If you going through a lot in your current relationship, just calm down and do the right things. You will be just fine.

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