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5 Ways To Deal With A Relationship/Home Breaker



how to deal with home breaker and relationship breaker

Are you in a relationship or marriage and you are wondering how to deal with relationship or home breakers? We will be dealing with that in this article. Considering social media reports and cases of divorce in Nigeria and other countries, it is clear that the number of home breakers are rising by the day as people are becoming more shameless and care free of their actions.

Some persons have the opinions such as “If you see a man/woman you like, steal him/her from the spouse” . Statements such as this validates that the high level of insensitivity as regards respect for people’s relationships. Whenever you find out that a home breaker is on your shore, do not panic rather engage some smart steps.

We will be looking at some steps to take below:

1.Discuss Your Observations about the home breaker with Your partner

When you observe that some man or woman is becoming a threat to your relationship with your partner, do not take any chances. Be smart enough to discuss such observations with your partner. You may be amazed to find out that your partner was not alert enough to have observe the threat.

Communicating constantly with your partner is very important as it gives room for any kind of topic to be discussed for the good of the relationship. When you have invested time to build communication skills in relationship, home/relationship breakers stands no chance at all. This builds the bond between you two and increases your value level for each other. Go for communication skills.

2. Avoid Being Close to the Relationship/Home Breaker if the loophole is from you

Sometimes, the problem as regards someone else intruding into your relationship with your partner could be you and not your partner. Take out time and evaluate yourself and see the mistakes you are making that led to it. To a every problem, there is a root cause and as well a solution to it. In this case, if you are guilty of opening the doors of your relationship to the intruder, it is very important you try and make amends.

3. Stop Feeding the Intruder with information about your relationship

After discovering that someone within your shores is responsible for trying to break your relationship with your partner, do well to reduce communicating with such a person. Once you have sensed the danger signal, be wise enough to reduce the level of information about your partner that you share with such a person. This is very important step to take especially in cases where detailed information about your partner can only get to the intruder through you.

4. Confront your Partner

In the news headlines most times, we are used to reading captions like “Wife attacks husband’s side chick in public”. While many would have a mixed feeling about this with either a for or against verdict, the real problem to address is your partner who gave up the security of the relationship for a third-party (the intruder).

When such observations about cheating is made, be bold to confront your partner not in a fist fight though but in a matured and calm manner to know why he or she have chosen to follow such path. If he or she is not cooperating with you on this, it is time to let it go (if you both are not married yet) but if you both are married, seek the services of a marriage counselor on how to deal with this problem.

5. Pray about it

If you are a Christian or Muslim or of any other religious group in the world reading this article, you sure then understand what i mean by ‘pray about it’. You sure do have some level of faith that lets you trust that your God can grant you wisdom on what to do or equally remove the influence of the intruder upon your partner’s life.

If you are married and do not want to file for a divorce after discovering your partner has a hidden affair with a man or woman somewhere, then prayer can bring a miracle your way.

If you are the movie watching type, try and see the movie titled “War room”. The movie has tons of lessons and strategies to employ in cases like this. Try it!

Our Relationships are dear to us and needs our commitment and application wisdom to work out as we expect. Take deliberate steps to make it work excellently.

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