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NANCY PELOSI: 3 Nasty Political Lessons Not To Pick From Her



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Nancy Pelosi is no doubt a great political figure for the democrats party right now in America since her influence seems to have a huge effect on President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial at the senate but, it seems Nancy Pelosi is loosing the fight as she is becoming so emotional. Well, let’s not go into details of all the zig zag talks about the hot war between the Democrats and the Republican political parties in America right now. Let us concentrate on lessons to pick from her mistakes at the moment.

Here are some political lessons not to pick from Nancy Pelosi:

1.Don’t get wordy about your political moves Like Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi no doubt fell way too big into the trap of talking too much during the heated impeachment trial of Donald Trump that almost all her moves were known via Twitter on a daily basis. Trump has an A grade in the exam of getting her to fall into that trap. Her words could also be used against her politically in the nearest future. Mind how you use words in Politics. It is very important – an excellent control over oneself to have.

2. Don’t ever get emotional about political matters

Did Nancy Pelosi get emotional about the Trump’s case, yes she did. One could easily say she was being patriotic while doing what she sees as the right thing. Well, don’t draw such lines as she could also be too party inclined beyond the shore of patriotism. Never let emotions get the best of you.

It is very important to manage your emotions and avoid having them interwove with the realities on ground. Your political enemy can leverage on this loophole and aim at you much later cause being emotional about politics doesn’t end well most times. Stand out and not be like Nancy Pelosi that tore Trump’s speech on air. That’s so disgraceful and office degrading from a sanity point of view.

3. Don’t be too sure of political predictions, have a Plan B

Nancy, the Democrats ship captain at the moment had all plan A worksheet typed out and worked tirelessly at it but failed to have classic plan B to foster the plan A forward 100% if the initial fails just as some witnesses that were expected to testify against Trump won’t be testifying anymore since their testimonies are deemed not necessary.

Take cover and take lessons from this error from the political life of Nancy while you may. She may be brave and smart as many have attributed her to be but loopholes in her political moves are lessons for many aspiring politicians to take not of.

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