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3 Ways To Get A Job Using N100 Airtime



How to get a job using N100 Airtime

I know you are wondering how on earth it will be possible to get a job in the Nigeria of today using a N100 airtime of any network . Well, there are certain deliberate actions one can take to make this a reality. But before i go into details about this, do you run the usual monthly data subscriptions of N500 – N2,000 and still don’t have a job that you like? I think you fall into the category of those that need to read this article with an open mind. First of all, what kind of contacts are in your phone book? Important or distracting contacts?

Are you done evaluating those contacts in your phone? What comments have you to make about the kind of contacts you keep? I will make this post as short as possible to have you pick some lessons to get to work with and get results as i did some years ago.


As my NYSC service year was coming to an end, i decided to make deliberate moves to get a job even before my passing out parade (POP). I decided to seek relevant contacts. One day, i dressed up and went into the city of Benin which was few kilometers from my place of primary assignment. I boldly walked into a bank and demanded to see the manager of that branch. The boldness i posed at the customer care reps got me a pass to see him. Meeting him, i said: “Sir, i am a HND holder who finished at Distinction level in the field of Engineering. Please i am seeking a job whether volunteered or paid. I am ready.” He looked at me and said “Meet this cashier by your right and ask him to give you one Mr. Stanley’s phone Number. He is the head of an outsourcing firm that recruits for banks. He will tell you what to do.” I thanked him, obey his instructions, made the call with less thank N30 airtime. After speaking with the man i was asked to call, i got profiled via just an SMS less than N5. In few weeks time, i was invited for an interview for a contract job with the bank. I went there, did my best and got the job. I worked with that bank for a while before opting in to another level of work experience.

Can you see what i did that worked for me? I will drop three(3) good steps to take with just N100 airtime in your seeking for Job within Nigerian space.

1.Be bold and gather the right contacts

It is only but a waste of time and energy if you keep making good efforts towards a goal with the wrong moves on ground. Take out time to gather relevant contacts your goals as regards job hunts needs. Don’t have time for bribe seekers or time wasters. Be deliberate about this to avoid wasting your N100 airtime. It is very important that you text the relevant contacts most time instead of calls as regards a job application you made. Some persons find calls distracting. Avoid ruining your chances.

2. Use the N100 airtime to text relevant contacts timely with Maturity

Lack of maturity has ruined lots of chances some job applicants had before hand. That you were able to gather relevant contacts does not give you the right to text them like 5 times a day. You will have to exercise restraint while doing this. Text them like say in the evening time of the first day you met at the office where you dropped your application for a job. After this first day, exercise some little patience and text with some sort of greeting and well wishing short message and remember to include your name at the end of the SMS just in case they did not save your name in their phone after receiving your first SMS. This is the more reason why i said avoid calling except they permitted you to do so.

3. Making referrals via SMS to encourage your job connect’s busness

Does the contact you have who can get you a job have a business he/she is running? Do well to use your little airtime to refer some of your friends who need such service to patronize the business. Let him/her know who and who you have successfully referred to the business. This will serve as a boost to such a job connect’s hunger to repay you for your kind gesture. This act of referral has landed many persons out there their dream jobs. You are not lobbying with this but you are just simply saying to that person you need help from that: “I value what you value as much as you value my job seeking.”

These methods worked for me severally. I strongly believe that one or two or even all of them should work for you if you put in your all to it. Besides, you won’t be spending a whole lot of money to try these guides here. What do you say?

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