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Karismata Okafor: Meet Nigeria’s Upcoming Hair Coach Entrepreneur



Nigeria's Hair Coach

Karismata Okafor is one of Nigeria’s upcoming Hair coach. She’s a resilient young lady who have chosen to take her time in coaching other females like herself on how to take proper good care of their hair using certain products necessary to achieve their hair goals so easily. This young entrepreneur is articulate and determined and has over time, grown her followers’ base on social media to the point of being invited for tutorial and training sessions in different location within the North eastern Nigeria. Her good works speaks for her.

Karismata Okafor, a pastor’s daughter has sure mastered the art of mixing up skills, business and relationship with God as her business seems to have God as a base at all times. Her social media handles validates this observation about her. She countless times lets those who look up to her know her source of strength(God).

We will today draw some levels of strength in terms of entrepreneurship from Karismata Okafor. Below are some good lessons to pick from her lifestyle in hair coaching Business:

1.Be proud of your business as a Hair Coach

Karismata Okafor being our focus point has shown that it is very important that you at all times as an entrepreneur be proud of your business as this will determine the energy your prospects/customers will give towards the services you have to offer to them. Never loose confidence in your daily business affairs.

2. Have Focus and don’t leave your lane

Karismata Okafor Having Session

Having a fierce focus is one thing every entrepreneur needs to have as a fuel for withstanding all kinds of distractions that are bound to come while business is on. Karismata has proven herself worthy of this virtue in reality. Following this footstep is one thing that other female entrepreneurs need to do in times like this that Nigeria is seen as a place of survival by being the fittest. Focus is key to success.

3. Partner with similar minds as an entrepreneur

Karismata as a hair coach within Nigeria shores showed a great lesson on collaboration in entrepreneurship as she is known to be one who is willing to partner with similar minds to achieve her goals and hence give more room for business sales and benefits. The art of partnering with similar minds as an entrepreneur is one virtue that every aspiring young entrepreneur should have and as well take serious.

Karismata Okafor the hair coach and her family

Karismata is the first daughter of a great family of seven(7). She has four siblings; 3 brothers and a sister. They all lovely and proud of their parents. Their lifestyle shows that they are grateful for life and are willing to make something out of it. You can check out her Facebook timeline HERE

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