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Chinonso Ogbogu: 5 Core Secrets Of The Entrepreneur



Chinonso Ogbogu is one of Africa’s sweet to follow entrepreneurs. On social media, his works which are made public to his followers are almost enough for certification on marketing and the core ethics of entrepreneurship in the African space. His dedication to vision is extremely commendable and inspiring to new start ups all across Africa. I have followed him up for few years now and have closely learnt a lot from him and has seen so much light from his teachings. Mind you, there are tons of knowledge and strategies to be unloaded when he is booked for special one-one sessions.

Entrepreneurship is gradually becoming a must have atmosphere for every space in Nigeria and it is highly encouraged by advancing growths made by people like Chinonso Ogbogu. Let’s dig deep into his secrets and see few of his secrets based on our findings and observations.

1.Chinonso Ogbogu is unapologetic about his focus

When it comes to focus, Chinonso Ogbogu is not sorry whatsoever. He maintains it and shows off his confidence about it because to him, it is a fuel for running for longer years to come in the business he is interested in. This is worth emulating.

2. He is humorous

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t automatically turn off your emotions. From his usual Facebook updates about his team members at the office, one can conclude that he is quite humorous about the turn out of events. This shows how sensitive he is as regards happenings around him and the business set before him. This virtue is a must have for young entrepreneur for excellence to be obtained at all cost.

3. Chinonso Ogbogu builds connections at all cost

What you desire you go after. In this regard, Chinonso Ogbogu is fierce connector. He makes lots of sacrifices to build connections with relevant individuals per time and makes the best use of such opportunities. Making use of the opportunity of connecting with people has opened great doors that many of his followers have marveled at. Of recent, he announced his meeting with Tara Durotoye which shows that something heavy is being cooked and will soon be dished out for Africa’s consumption. Isn’t this beautiful? Value communication and connecting with relevant people today.

4. He takes feedback serious

The young entrepreneur does not play with clients’ feedback. He takes it as a resource that must be put to use to give the best result possible that would satisfy the clients’ desires and demands per deal. The amazing part of his love for feedback is that even on social media, you can see him conversing in a humble manner to get some possible insight from his followers reactions on a topic of discussion. This also shows that he is open to learning.

5. Being Visionary is his hobby

One thing i have observed in this amazing young entrepreneur is that he is extremely visionary which i can use as a fact to say is his factor for risk taking. Taking risk seems to be fun for Chinonso from all indications. This also is a lesson worth taking serious.

Entrepreneurship is a deliberate action filled practice that needs people who are serious with goals and visions on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Taking out time to build virtues that will help you grow in your intended business is very important. Today in this article, we’ve focused on our observation on the brain behind ‘Sabi Writers’ – Chinonso Ogbogu and tomorrow it could be you doing similar or even greater exploits than him. These realities takes deliberate actions.


You can start anywhere you are no matter how small it may look or sound. There are different businesses waiting for who would start them within your own locality. Sitting back and procrastinating is not the answer in the world of today. Be sensitive to the fact that we are in 2020 already and that with time, certain methods of business running change and become somewhat ineffective. It is very important you start taking serious what is it you have in your hands right now.

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