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3 Smart Ways To Make Money On A Trip

Have you ever gone on a trip before? I guess you spent some money for the sake of the trip but how about making some money back while on a trip?



smart ways to make money on a trip

Have you ever gone on a trip before? I guess you spent some money for the sake of the trip but how about making some money back while on a trip? More like a traveling business mogul. Doesn’t that sound nice to you? In this article, i have researched after a trip and found some smart ways you can actually make some money while on a trip.

Irrespective of what mode of transportation you are using, you can actually make some money if you try. Let us take a good read through the strategies we have below.

1. Sell your homemade products on a small scale to Fellow passengers

On trips, passengers like yourself have certain things they’ll need to buy much later which may be stressful for them after the journey but seeing you with such product while they are on transit to their destination can steer up their interest in patronizing you big time. All it will take is you having the business acumen to sweet talk your fellow passenger to buy what you have to sell.

This method is more fun for long trips via buses where there are about 60-70 passengers. Out of a 100%, you could be lucky on a small scale to sell to about 15-20% depending on the product you have to sell. Be sure to have products that can be easily bought in the season of the moment. It will be odd to sell an Umbrella when it is not raining at all. Umbrella in itself is a good product to have but it has less need percentage once the rain is gone. Think deep to know what to sell.

2. Market your business brand to gain clients

Depending on your mode of transportation, you can try to gain more clients to your business by announcing yourself and the services you and your company render to people. This though can be found offensive in some settings – When you are in such settings, you can just exchange greetings formerly with your fellow passengers individually while you slide-in your complementary card into their palms. If this is the only option you have, make sure that your complementary card can do the talking you should have done.

This is why your complementary card should be precise and catchy to win a client easily. Making money while on a trip is achievable if you put your mind to it and do what is needed to be done.

3. Take Videos and Photographs to sell to Photo Companies Online

In the 21st century, there are tons of online platforms that pay their users for their quality inputs to their business. One of these platforms by category are the cinematography companies who have carved out a spectacular niche that gives their users opportunities to send original quality photos from trips and get paid some amount of money in return. You can use Google to research about such websites and sign up to start earning some cash while on a trip. Your trips round the world can make you rich if you put your mind to it and seek smart ways daily to make money.

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Business In Nigeria

3 Ways To Get A Job Using N100 Airtime




How to get a job using N100 Airtime

I know you are wondering how on earth it will be possible to get a job in the Nigeria of today using a N100 airtime of any network . Well, there are certain deliberate actions one can take to make this a reality. But before i go into details about this, do you run the usual monthly data subscriptions of N500 – N2,000 and still don’t have a job that you like? I think you fall into the category of those that need to read this article with an open mind. First of all, what kind of contacts are in your phone book? Important or distracting contacts?

Are you done evaluating those contacts in your phone? What comments have you to make about the kind of contacts you keep? I will make this post as short as possible to have you pick some lessons to get to work with and get results as i did some years ago.


As my NYSC service year was coming to an end, i decided to make deliberate moves to get a job even before my passing out parade (POP). I decided to seek relevant contacts. One day, i dressed up and went into the city of Benin which was few kilometers from my place of primary assignment. I boldly walked into a bank and demanded to see the manager of that branch. The boldness i posed at the customer care reps got me a pass to see him. Meeting him, i said: “Sir, i am a HND holder who finished at Distinction level in the field of Engineering. Please i am seeking a job whether volunteered or paid. I am ready.” He looked at me and said “Meet this cashier by your right and ask him to give you one Mr. Stanley’s phone Number. He is the head of an outsourcing firm that recruits for banks. He will tell you what to do.” I thanked him, obey his instructions, made the call with less thank N30 airtime. After speaking with the man i was asked to call, i got profiled via just an SMS less than N5. In few weeks time, i was invited for an interview for a contract job with the bank. I went there, did my best and got the job. I worked with that bank for a while before opting in to another level of work experience.

Can you see what i did that worked for me? I will drop three(3) good steps to take with just N100 airtime in your seeking for Job within Nigerian space.

1.Be bold and gather the right contacts

It is only but a waste of time and energy if you keep making good efforts towards a goal with the wrong moves on ground. Take out time to gather relevant contacts your goals as regards job hunts needs. Don’t have time for bribe seekers or time wasters. Be deliberate about this to avoid wasting your N100 airtime. It is very important that you text the relevant contacts most time instead of calls as regards a job application you made. Some persons find calls distracting. Avoid ruining your chances.

2. Use the N100 airtime to text relevant contacts timely with Maturity

Lack of maturity has ruined lots of chances some job applicants had before hand. That you were able to gather relevant contacts does not give you the right to text them like 5 times a day. You will have to exercise restraint while doing this. Text them like say in the evening time of the first day you met at the office where you dropped your application for a job. After this first day, exercise some little patience and text with some sort of greeting and well wishing short message and remember to include your name at the end of the SMS just in case they did not save your name in their phone after receiving your first SMS. This is the more reason why i said avoid calling except they permitted you to do so.

3. Making referrals via SMS to encourage your job connect’s busness

Does the contact you have who can get you a job have a business he/she is running? Do well to use your little airtime to refer some of your friends who need such service to patronize the business. Let him/her know who and who you have successfully referred to the business. This will serve as a boost to such a job connect’s hunger to repay you for your kind gesture. This act of referral has landed many persons out there their dream jobs. You are not lobbying with this but you are just simply saying to that person you need help from that: “I value what you value as much as you value my job seeking.”

These methods worked for me severally. I strongly believe that one or two or even all of them should work for you if you put in your all to it. Besides, you won’t be spending a whole lot of money to try these guides here. What do you say?



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Business In Nigeria

Karismata Okafor: Meet Nigeria’s Upcoming Hair Coach Entrepreneur




Nigeria's Hair Coach

Karismata Okafor is one of Nigeria’s upcoming Hair coach. She’s a resilient young lady who have chosen to take her time in coaching other females like herself on how to take proper good care of their hair using certain products necessary to achieve their hair goals so easily. This young entrepreneur is articulate and determined and has over time, grown her followers’ base on social media to the point of being invited for tutorial and training sessions in different location within the North eastern Nigeria. Her good works speaks for her.

Karismata Okafor, a pastor’s daughter has sure mastered the art of mixing up skills, business and relationship with God as her business seems to have God as a base at all times. Her social media handles validates this observation about her. She countless times lets those who look up to her know her source of strength(God).

We will today draw some levels of strength in terms of entrepreneurship from Karismata Okafor. Below are some good lessons to pick from her lifestyle in hair coaching Business:

1.Be proud of your business as a Hair Coach

Karismata Okafor being our focus point has shown that it is very important that you at all times as an entrepreneur be proud of your business as this will determine the energy your prospects/customers will give towards the services you have to offer to them. Never loose confidence in your daily business affairs.

2. Have Focus and don’t leave your lane

Karismata Okafor Having Session

Having a fierce focus is one thing every entrepreneur needs to have as a fuel for withstanding all kinds of distractions that are bound to come while business is on. Karismata has proven herself worthy of this virtue in reality. Following this footstep is one thing that other female entrepreneurs need to do in times like this that Nigeria is seen as a place of survival by being the fittest. Focus is key to success.

3. Partner with similar minds as an entrepreneur

Karismata as a hair coach within Nigeria shores showed a great lesson on collaboration in entrepreneurship as she is known to be one who is willing to partner with similar minds to achieve her goals and hence give more room for business sales and benefits. The art of partnering with similar minds as an entrepreneur is one virtue that every aspiring young entrepreneur should have and as well take serious.

Karismata Okafor the hair coach and her family

Karismata is the first daughter of a great family of seven(7). She has four siblings; 3 brothers and a sister. They all lovely and proud of their parents. Their lifestyle shows that they are grateful for life and are willing to make something out of it. You can check out her Facebook timeline HERE



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10 Powerful Steps To Start A Business In Nigeria




start a business in Nigeria and Business in Nigeria

How to start a business in Nigeria has given so many interested individual so much nightmares and they have ended giving up their business dreams and goals. Actually, the knowledge needed is very important which when neglected can lead to business crashes. So, how did you stumble upon this article? Via Google search or social media? Either way, it is clear that you seek better ways to start a business in Nigeria irrespective of your field of interest at the moment.

Business in Nigeria

Running different kinds of Businesses in Nigeria will take a whole lot of deliberate moves by anyone who is interested. In Nigeria, when you start a new business within any location, just get ready for 10 new competitors within a year of kick starting yours. They will catch a vision with so much inspiration from your own business visions that are already exhibited for the world to see. This is the more reason why you must be knowledge and skill ready before you start a business in Nigeria.

If you kick start a new business without a true desire and interest for it, you stand a chance of being bought or crushed by market competitions out there. The 21st century is full of many business ideologies that works once put to work with needed skills on a very serious note. If you have been neglecting the place of understanding how businesses in Nigeria works or operate on different levels, it is time you take a serious study of different kinds of businesses related to the one you desire and work it out by deep researches on how to operate the business that is of interest to you.

We have in this article about 15 steps to take if you want to start a business in Nigeria. The steps are all realistic and feasible.

Step 1: understand Yourself and The Business You Desire

Understanding who you are is a must as far as starting a business in Nigeria is concerned. You can’not make any head way until you have taken serious the art of self discovery. Take it so serious as this will determine how long you can last in the business battlefield. This is simply because, business is not for the vegetable-hearted. It is a risk filled affair. When you have discovered who you are, then take time to study the business idea that is coming to your mind.

Having a business is not enough to make you a businessman. It is in your understanding how it is all going to play out that matters. This is very important. Many businessmen like Warrent Buffet, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote, Innoson Chukwuma, Allen Onyema and the host of others all started out with mere ideas but took steps that translated to big shot of mega Billions in the world economy of today within and outside Africa. Take the need of understanding yourself and the the business idea you have serious.

Step 2: Develop Skills Needed To Start A Business In Nigeria

After understanding yourself and the business idea you have at hand, getting skilled in the area of that business is a must. There are skills needed. Hence, take deliberate actions to ensure that you are well trained to undertake the tasks involved in this business you desire to start. Skills are lubricants of businesses that makes them flow more like a system without too much frictions. Without skills, most businesses would have crashed.

Enroll in different business classes organized by some academies in Nigeria. Whether paid or free, make it a tool needed for your success in Business building in Nigeria. Don’t be satisfied with what you know about running a business at the moment. Go for more out here.

Step 3: Have a good Business Plan

Having a business plan is having a map to get to a destination. Without a map, a traveler is in big trouble. You need to have a plan which is just not limited to financial proposals but that also covers the goals, visions and missions that will cover the entire project at hand. This will serve as a blueprint for success or failure. Why did i say it will serve as blueprint for success or failure? I said so because an intelligently written plan will enjoy success if the necessary steps are taken and a poorly written plan will suffer setbacks because there were no proper research done but rather, a casual writing down of junky ideas was done.

Step 4: Raise Capital to Finance the Business

Every business plan needs to be funded big time. So, seeking ways to raise fund to be able to power your business idea into a reality is very important. You can start saving up money to be able to kick start at ease because there are uncertainties in every business which serves as the source of risk taking in business. So, you will need to be extremely smart about raising funds.

You can go for loans,grants and more. But, it is more confident to be kick start with what you’ve raised all by yourself. This boosts your self esteem more because when there is no fear as a result of the source of fund, then risk taking attitude will be poor which will in turn make you a wimp in business. Think this through before making your choices of what source of funds to employ.

Step 5: Choose a good location for Business

Where a business is situated will determine if i will live or die with time. Knowing the location where a business can thrive is an assignment you can not afford to fail. When you take this factor for granted, you may end up opening your good business at a location where its services are not needed at all. Do well to run a very good market survey before selecting a location to situate your business.

Take out time to survey potential growth influencing spots where people resident will value what you have to sell. Be it commodity or services, take a survey to know if it is going to be satisfying any need in such locations. After doing this, then start making plans to get a space.

Step 6: Execute your business plan

Executing your business idea/plans is not quite easy even if it were to be in your residential area. When doing this, do well to avoid skipping any little detail on the blueprint of the business plan. This also should be done with a high self esteem and deep conviction that it is going to work out just good. This is to help you stay mentally stable and to also overcome anxiety while starting up new.

Anxiety can ruin your needed calmness as far as running a business is concerned. Put yourself together when the early stage storms comes up and stand bold with understanding of how your own business works. This is the reason why you had to acquire skills related to running a business earlier. This is usually the perfect time to employ every single bit of it.

Step 7: Seek Customers massively

When a business is started by an individual, it is not regarded as a functional one until it has a customer or client base. So, you will need to have customers before you can make sales via different means. At this stage, you will need to leverage on every opportunity available to get customers who will patronize your business on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Depending on your kind of business, the method of branding is key to creating heavy awareness about what your business is all about. You need to brand the business big time. This is 21st century where any business that is not branded is considered ‘dead’. It is not enough to get an idea, draw a plan and kick start. The place of branding is very important as well.

If you really want to start a business in Nigeria, you will need to get people to know what you sell through a lot of media outlets. Below is a list of sources where you can gain prospects:

  • Social Media Platforms
  • Social events
  • Complimentary Cards
  • TV shows
  • Banner Ads on the streets

Social media Platforms

As regards social media usage in branding, networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram all go a long way in helping you brand your business so easily as they also offers the leverage of branding via pages and more. These platforms also have payment integrations that enables your clients to make payment for goods and services from their smartphones. This is an option you need to employ seriously while branding.

Social events and Complimentary card

In being able to start a business in Nigeria, being in attendance to certain kinds of business social events is very important. Do not neglect the gathering of possible prospects and other business partners. This can help you sell yourself and your business faster than you can ever imagine. While at such meetings, exchanging of contacts that matters should be part of your goals for going there. Do not be left out of the league.

Banner Ads

Some people keep wondering if advertisements still works in the 21st century. Well, if media moguls like Facebook and Google still run ads at all levels, then what are you waiting for? There is no excuse whatsoever for a business owner not to seek a way to advertise his/her business to the general public to be able to build a customer base to enable a massive growth of the business.

Business in Nigeria takes creating awareness to be known. If this is done well, then your business stands a chance to be popular leaving you with the assignment of being standard at all levels.

Step 8: Register your Business with CAC

Your branding is not complete until you register your business with the Nigeria’s Corporate Affair Commissions (CAC). With your business properly registered with CAC, it gains some official cover as a business recognized by the government at all levels. This can earn your business lots of contracts from both governmental and private angles. Take a bold step and register your dream business and and make it real.

Step 9: Own a Website as resource

To start a business in Nigeria successfully, you will really need to think outside the box all the time. The availability of a website helps you gain more popularity but above all, have a little source of income as websites associated with businesses tend to be of great value. This will serve as a serious means of income. To learn more on this, you can research on topics related to Woocommerce on the internet to be enlightened as supposed.

Step 10: Protect your Business

Anything built by hard work deserves to be protected at all cost as disregarding this fact will crash an entire built business empire in few months. It is lack of protection that leads to businesses getting crashed as though no one owns it. In terms of taxes, be sure to pay all legal and necessary dues or charges.


How to start a business in Nigeria has been duly discussed and the steps are above. Read them and take steps from them to get to the peak of your endeavours in business.



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