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DIY: 5 Ways To Reuse and Recycle Plastic Bottles In Nigeria

Plastic bottles are one of the commonest wastes in the Nigerian space because of the manner with which it is being disposed by Nigerians.



plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the commonest wastes in the Nigerian space because of the manner with which it is being disposed by Nigerians. Many people lack the secret knowledge of how that after using a plastic bottle, there are tons of other stuffs you can actually do with the plastic bottle at home and even at the office where you work. In this article, we shall be looking at 5 ways you can all by yourself reuse and recycle plastic bottles you made use of.

These reuse tips are a DIY (Do it yourself) guide for you to join the world in curbing plastic waste disposal. You too can contribute your quota and make the world a better place for all mankind.

Here are creative ways you can reuse plastic bottles at home and office spaces in Nigeria:

1. Make Your Own Plastic Bottle Supply Cups:

It is not a bad idea if you use the plastic bottles in your home to make some plastic bottle supply cups for keeping your pen and pencil on work desks or best still make it for your kids to keep all their crayons and toothbrushes instead of them having it littered everywhere in their school bags and their bedrooms. This plastic bottle supply cup is very simple to make. All you need is to cut it into two halves while a longer part serves as the main body, the other serves as the cover region.


2. Use As Snack/Food Storage:

You can store snacks using plastic bottles. They can be used to store snacks such as peanuts and even food items/ingredients such as salt, sugar, powdered and liquid milk. This can help you when you are on a trip and want to carry along with you lots of stuffs. You can also store stew and soups in these plastic bottles and cover properly.


3. Use As Detergent Storage:

Since detergents are either powdered or liquid, a plastic bottle becomes the best to be used as a storage facility for it. All you need do is pour it into it and keep.

4. You Can Start A Mini Herb/Plant Garden With Empty Water Bottles:


You can actually start up some mini herb garden with empty water bottles by cutting them open and following the steps below to set it up at your backyard. See the steps to take below:

  • Remove the label from the bottle and clean the inside.
  • Take a sharp object and poke drainage holes in the top third of the bottle.
  • Poke a hole in the side of the bottle about half-way down.
  • Wrap a piece of paper around the bottle.
  • Take a marker and trace a cutting line around the bottle.
  • Cut along the bottle on the line.
  • Flip over the bottle top and insert a strip of fabric.
  • Make sure the fabric is in contact with the soil.

5. Reuse Lotion Plastic Bottle As A Charging Dock For Smartphones:

You can also get your smartphone a beautiful charging dock while it gets charged from the wall socket. It is quite interesting to know that what we think is useless can actually be so useful to man and his home/office space.


Plastic bottles being wastes can also be recylced, upcycled and reused to make the environment harmless to man. You can try any of these tips above in your home or office today.

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